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Trail Food #BWCA 13

This was our first dinner in the BWCA after our long day being lost. We had Wally, some sirloin steaks and fresh green beans and sweet corn.
There's our food bag we kept all edibles in. We had to hoist it up in a tree every night or whenever we left camp to get firewood or go fishing.
There's Wally. RIP
We started off every morning with a great breakfast of hashbrowns, scrambled eggs and bacon. The Hungry Jack dehydrated hashbrowns can be bought in the store for $1.50, the eggs were dehydrated and amazon sells those for $20/lb which was a little pricey but they tasted good. The bacon was also purchased at the store for $3.49 for 15 slices (2oz).

All the campsites had benches and tables made of flat rocks that were perched on the benches. They sure came in handy. This night we didn't get any fish, so it was chicken and noodles, along with some Idaho instant mashed potatoes. At this point we have to boil our water so we used the camp stove to boil it in our stainless steel coffeepot. Which worked out great. We had two critical pieces of kitchenware, the coffeepot and the fry pan - we cooked everything in those two items.

We brought a roll of tin foil thinking it would come in handy, but we only used one piece for a lid to the pan while cooking, or to hold the precooked bacon on the side of the fire. We washed the piece of foil each meal and reused it so next time we probably would only bring one piece.
 Our drinks consisted of hot chocolate, instant coffee and emergen C.

Of course after every meal I had to wash the pan, the two forks and the spatula in the lake.


Here is a video of our last day on Seagull River before we got to the final 38 rod portage.

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