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The Last Day - Seagull River Portage #BWCA 12

Don't we look excited here!
We thought we had made it to our final portage into Seagull River, but alas we were lost once more. Some helpful campers pointed us back a quarter mile to this little 10 ft gap between some rocks that led to the river and the portage trail we would need to take to get by the falls.
It was still late morning since it only took us a couple hours to get across Seagull Lake since we got our before it got windy on the big lake. We saw the palisades which are 80 ft walls of granite created in the ice age. And then we stopped and fished a little before the 72 hour fishing license expired, but no luck there.

This was actually quite pretty and the falls were very loud.  It was a shorter portage than the one we did earlier, but for the shorter length it made it up in difficulty. We were totally amazed they considered this a path any sane person would take a canoe up and over. We actually mostly didn't on the steep rocky climbs up and down, we just slid the canoe over the tops of the rocks - which we would never do with our canoe, but at this point the end of the summer the canoe was full of scratches anyway from all the rocky beaches.
During our four day trip in the wilderness we didn't see any signs or markers until we were on our way out of the Boundary Waters, this sign clearly pointing that one side of the line was wilderness and one side was non wilderness. Really? Of all the signs they could have used out there to help lost people or stupid people, this one didn't really provide much value.

 Scott dips his Columbia Omni Freeze shirt into the river to get it wet. It was the perfect shirt to wear for the week because it has 50 spf sunscreen material, plus the Omni freeze technology which gives a cooling sensation to your skin when you sweat or get the shirt wet. It does really work.

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