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Congratulations On The New Job


My friend and co-worker Mark has just accepted a new promotional opportunity at our government office, and CONGRATULATIONS are in order. It has been over five years since the State of Florida employees have had a pay raise, and it is pretty much looking like that might be the way it is in the long future. So the only way to make more money, is to leave the job security and future plush pensions, for corporate America - or get a promotion. So being that Mark is approaching the date where he is fully vested in the pension plan, of course the promotion is the way to go.
He also is able to leave behind the screaming, suicidal, non paying clients who are surprised when he has orchestrated a freeze on their bank accounts. Unfortunately, sometimes people don't manage their finances in a responsible manner, and the delinquent non custodial parents' nonpayment of child support, affects their spouses accounts. There are a lot of bad, bad things that can happen when your money is frozen. Bills don't get paid, power gets shut off, no food on the table, no money to gamble.
So Mark, congrats on the new position!
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