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2018 4th Quarter Mileage

Another fast year in the books, started out in January getting our new Toyota Sienna, and going on a cruise, then another one in February, March, I injured my hand, visited my parents in AZ for a while, then summer was a blur with concerts and festivals. A highlight was going to see Taylor Swift at the stadium. After a quick trip to MN for the state fair, we went on a nice long cruise from Canada to Florida, then wrapped up with a Thanksgiving cruise, and our 30th annual trip to Naples, FL in December.

We've had another low mileage year, must be because we're getting old.  I'm still riding my bike to work most days. We have not gone motorcycling much this year, maybe because it used to be something we did with couponing and we do less of that too.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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