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2019 1st Qtr Mileage Report


Another quarterly report, late as usual. Spring is hopping in central Florida so doing stuff on the computer is just not as much of a priority. Plus, after doing quarterly mileage reports for ten years now, a pattern has emerged. Big reveal - we just don't drive that much. Luckily our jobs are fairly close to our home, and our entertainment is local too.

I did review our numbers in 2009 and the only thing that has changed is we traded out our 1998 Ford Explorer with the 2018 Toyota van. Back in 2009 we drove 5725 miles in the first quarter, whereas today we drove 2676 miles, a 54% decrease in driving. A large part of the decrease, is less motorcycle miles. We just don't get out on them on the weekends, and DH has not used it to go to work this year. We do take it to Busch Gardens for the concert weekends to allow us to slip through the bars of the parking lot and avoid the parking lot trams and crowds getting in and out.

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