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2018 2nd Qtr Mileage


Another mileage post, not much to say about it. Dear has been enjoying driving a new vehicle, and I enjoy riding my bicycle. We did our first big road trip in the van with our drive across the state to Daytona Beach for the Nascar Race. We removed the back seat and disconnected the center console and its handy to be able to just step back into the van and get to things. Lots of room. Love it.

We managed to ride our motorcycles once this past quarter. A friend of ours was killed in a motorcycle accident in June and Scott's coworker was killed in a head on crash in June too. Both crashes were due to reckless drivers, and they killed innocent people. It makes me pretty nervous riding my bike on the roads with so many distracted drivers. Please make yourself a pledge to drive hands free from your phone, it could save a lot a lives.

Safety is no accident.

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