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2017 2nd Qtr Mileage Report & Folding Bikes

Wow, I guess I've been neglecting this white space in the world, my last post was the last quarterly report. I do post other material on Instagram (@frugalapolis), twitter and facebook, so if you want a blast of action, check out those other places.

Another low mileage quarter with the Camry, Explorer and the motorcycles. I've been riding my bike a lot to work, like everyday. Some days I even wash my bike (in the rain) so its really clean. We've joined a new local hiking, biking and paddle sports group on FB and have gone canoeing and biking with the people. Very fun indeed. They even have a float in the Temple Terrace parade we could join, but we're planning on tossing our beads from the old 1958 vintage firetruck with the Firehouse Grill and Pub.

Anyway, after almost twenty five years in Florida we have finally experienced the off road trails for hiking and biking. The hikes are fun, but I absolutely love trail riding. So, I took some of my allowance and bought a folding mountain bike for trails.
We also have booked a few cruises in our future and are planning on a 13 night snowbird repositioning cruise that starts in Quebec City in Canada and ends in Port Canaveral, Florida. We like the idea of folding bikes so much we bought a lightweight, smaller folding bike that we can pack in a suitcase and bring on the trip. We obtained verification they are permitted on the cruise ship and we plan to ride around in all those Canadian and Northeast ports like Montreal, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Saint John, Bar Harbor, Portland, and Boston. The bikes cost about the price of doing a couple excursions, so its a great investment.

Here is the folding bike packed in a suitcase ready to fly to Montreal. The hard shell bag weighs 10 lbs, and the bike weighs 23 lbs, so there is still room to pack about 10 lbs of clothes around the bikes.

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