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Walking over a Million Steps (3rd Qtr 2017 Mileage Report)

Well, sadly I have not updated the blog with anything since the last mileage report. This is not a good trend. Actually this year, there seems to be a lack of any kind of updates. I'm not sure I can change that since I use other accounts more regularly like Instagram, facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in our goings on, follow me @frugalapolis on any of those platforms.

Our third quarter mileage this summer has been low. We did go out of town to Minnesota and the BWCA where we rented a car and Scotty drove over 1000 miles so if you add that to our 2470 miles around Tampa, we're right in the neighborhood of our normal vehicular use. I would also like to add that the low number of miles driven is also due to the high number of miles we walked this summer. Scott walked 501 miles, and I walked 450 miles (over 1 million steps each) in the last 90 days. That is almost another thousand miles traversed across this earth that ever so slightly rotates each day. I would rather not point out that I did not even get my motorcycle out of the shed, zero miles on the Rebel this summer. I've replaced those weekend rides on a motorcycle with a bicycle ride. I'm proud to say that I've broken my record and rode 620 miles this past quarter, more than ever before in the eight year history of my mileage tracking. It may have attributed to my 22 lbs weight loss that I also accomplished this summer. Didn't even have to give up drinking beer. So, it wasn't really that bad. I would recommend it - just increase your protein content in your diet to about 25% of your daily intake (easy to track on myfitnesspal app) and moderate your calories and the weight loss will be incidental.

That's about it for now. We hope to get those motorcycles out of the shed and onto the road this fall. Cooler weather is ahead and less rain hopefully after this next batch of tropical disturbances moves on by.

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