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2015 4th QTR & Year End Mileage Report


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It's been a typical frugal year with the vehicles, same mileage as last year, same costs as last year. We could cut back on insurance since we drive so little, but we have a lot to lose so we are fully insured even though neither vehicle is worth more than $5000. But to us they are worth $40,000 because that is about the price it would cost to replace them. We actually went and looked at Honda Odyssey vans since that will be our retirement vehicle when the day comes. Apparently they will undergo a model change in 2017 so we definitely won't be getting one next year, but who knows after that. Going along with our frugal mindset, it of course must be paid off before we retire - so we need to buy it a couple years before we quit so we can pay it off. We don't want any payments for anything when we're retired.
So in summary, we don't really need a new vehicle since the Toyota Camry only turned over 100K this year and certainly has another 100 or 200K in it. What a great car. The only expense this year was a new alternator, and the new windshield that we just got replaced last week.

The Ford Explorer is over 18 years old now and running strong. We will just hang on to this truck to do all our dirty work and some day when we're retired Scott can drive it as a push truck at the racetrack. It just turned over 74K and runs fine. The only expense was a new battery this year, the old Sears Diehard Gold lasted 5 years amazingly in the Florida heat.

The motorcycles are becoming mostly a weekend thing, but we've discovered how advantageous it is to go to events on the motorcycle because there usually is preferred parking for bikes and at Busch Gardens we can scoot through the poles in the parking lot to avoid the craziness when its packed (like this week).

I'm sure you thought you missed the 3rd QTR report, but alas there was none. I was in Phoenix with my parents for a few weeks during this time and didn't get around to it. Scott had texted me the mileage numbers but I had to delete all my texts since he was sending me about 20 a day (he missed me) and my phone was full!

Anyway, have a safe and happy new year!
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