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And is that covered?


Back to work after a nice week in Naples, FL. The only problem is we have some glass cracks to deal with now. The windshield on the Camry got a hairline crack that grew a few inches every few miles, and then grew a few more inches each day and now it extends halfway across the car. Then the glass on my new (less than 6 months old) Samsung S6 smart phone cracked without any abuse, misuse or trauma. I took a picture, put in in my pocket and the next time I took it out it was cracked.

It is our expectation that both these situations would be covered by insurance or warranty, and of course the manufacturers both tried to deny the claims. Travelers insurance wanted to give us generic glass rather than OEM Toyota glass, and Samsung declares that the glass broke to misuse. So my master negotiator escalated the calls to supervisors and resolved both issues. We are convinced you have to just get past the first NO. Do not accept "sorry, no" as an acceptable response, until you have escalated your situation and actually discussed it with someone who has the authority to say "Yes" we'll take care of that.

So, the car will get Toyota OEM glass this week, and my new phone is being shipped off to the warranty center - which means I won't have a smart phone for a couple weeks. I have a temporary number but you all can just contact Scott on his phone and he'll get to me. I'm not sure how I'll manage with no weatherbug, mint, fitbit stats, feedly, overdrive, or dividend tracker for this long but I can get most apps on a PC so I think this will be a good experiment.

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