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I'm a little behind this week, still trying to get used to that darn daylight savings time. I wish they would get rid of it, it feels like you have jet lag for days and its black dark in the morning. No riding my bike til it gets lighter out in a couple weeks. Anyway, last weekend we went to our one and only token Spring Training baseball game. Here is the Spring Training schedule in case you're thinking about going, still lots of games left until the end of March.

We had good tickets we purchase a long time ago, so one of the group had something come up and couldn't make it. After the drive to Mckechnie Field in Bradenton, we had to sell the ticket. Scott worked his mojo magic and got full price from some young guy who happened to be from Pittsburgh. Again the talking to strangers thing worked again.

While at the game we were seated next to a family of young boys and their father. They boys won some throwing contest to get a free Pittsburgh 21 jersey (don't ask me who that number is I have no idea). The shirts were XL and were way too big for the boys so the youngest one offered it to me. I refused a lot and the father insisted, so I graciously thanked them and wore it. It was big on me too, but I was planning on giving it away anyway so I didn't care. But the poor kid realized later that he kinda wanted it, so I gave it back. So I just went down to the throwing game and won my own shirt. DH and friend tried it, but no luck. You had to guess your throwing baseball speed to win, and mine was a pretty consistent 23 mph.

Anyway, the game was boring but the weather was nice, and all the people were nice. The #Rays lost their first game of the year, not a good sign. After the game we got our free beer at Hooters and got back to Tampa a few minutes too late to run over to Busch Gardens for the free Davin Degraw concert we wanted to attend. Oh well, more to come. Tomorrow we're going to see Kool and The Gang for free at BG, and then Sunday is the Bay Area Renaissance Festival.

Marie, Scott, Mark and Chris (the photobomber who bought the spare ticket)
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