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More March Madness - Music, Mayhem & Montreal

More March madness and it is only half way through the month! Happy St Patricks day to everyone, even if you have a tiny bit of Irish its a good excuse to drink green beer. Over the weekend we attended the free concert at Busch Gardens, and saw Kool and The Gang (that's Kool in the brown outfit center, playing bass). They rocked of course, it was quite the Celebration, Oh Yeah!

Sunday, we used our free passes we got for giving blood, and attended the Bay Area Renaissance Festival. It sure is nice in FL these days and the tourists are everywhere! There were a lot of the same entertainers at the Ren Fest and our favorite is Johnny Phoenix and his danger comedy show. There is a lot of audience participation and in this skit he gets some volunteer from the audience to wrap him up in saran wrap and we all count while he tried to escape. It was absolutely hilarious because he had picked a fellow dressed as Jesus to assist him and the dude was a card. The show lasted past closing time it kept going on and on. Fun times.

Monday night, I know a work night for some of us was a secret shop to see a Tampa Bay Lightning game where they played the Montreal Canadiens. All the games lately have been sold out since they are leading the division are strong contenders for the playoffs and the Stanley cup this year. See all those red jerseys in the picture? Yeah, those are canucks. They invaded the venue but we didn't really have to listen to them haunt us with their Canadien singing since the Lightning led the game all the way through and ended up winning 4 to 2.

So, in case you didn't notice all our events were free. It is possible to have an active social and entertainment life without spending lots of money. Granted you have to be willing to give away body fluids, and write lots of comments about people and fill out surveys which takes precious time, but it's not as much time as it would take to earn the money to spend on the event. Busch Gardens is now over $100 per person per day, Ren Fest is $20 per person and I don't even know how much hockey tickets would have been but the parking was $25 and food and drink was $15, so its safe to say the hockey would have been over $100 per person. So, we saved hundreds by being frugal. Give it a try.
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