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It's Strawberry Season!


It's strawberry season in Florida, so there is an abundance of the yummy sweet fruit. We picked up a flat of strawberries ($8) on our way out of the Strawberry Festival in Plant City the other day, along with some strawberry onions ($0.50). These are not ordinary onions. These are delicately sweet, mild jumbo onions are grown on the end of the strawberry rows to distract pests from the strawberries. They actually have a unique flavor and aroma that you can only get from strawberry onions. They are a limited time, once a year availability thing and you need to go to the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World, Plant City to get them. They are not sold in the stores.  These onions are great sautéed in any dish, and are delightful on salads and sandwiches too.
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