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Sara Evans Concert @StrawberryFestival


March madness has begun. I'm happy to report that our new metal roof is done and passed the rainy weekend with flying colors, and the city of TT inspection which is the most important thing. It actually is quieter than the old asphalt roof, probably because of the layer of insulation we had installed. Of course our cell reception in the house had vanished the day the metal got installed, but Sprint quickly sent out an Airave extender to convert our cell service to the internet wifi connection so now we have 5 bars on all our devices and cell phones. Its a free device cell providers give customers with poor reception in their homes, so if you need it call and get it!

Anyway, today gutters are getting installed and next week the new front patio roof cover. Then comes redemption day to pay up. Ugh. Anyway, its moving along.

This month there are a million activities to do in Florida. Every weekend both days are booked with concerts, spring training, theme park events and festivals. Last night we attended the Strawberry Festival in Plant City for the first time in the 24 years we've lived here. It can now be crossed off the list for the next 24 years. Maybe. Anyway, its not really all that much of a festival, in fact its a "dry fair" as the roadies call it - no beer! We enjoyed some Wisconsin Cheese bites, Asian noodles, mini donuts and of course Strawberry Shortcake.

After grazing and walking around we went to see Sara Evans perform. She is just such a great performer with a talented voice. Thanks to dear for going to this chick event with me, payback for all those sprint car races I attended last month. I knew the words to every single song and belted them out. Fun, fun.

More to come later this week about the festival. It runs a few more days through March 8 if you want to get out there and see some great performers and eat yummy strawberries.
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