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Another Illusion: The Missing Hubcap


So after we got out of the Masters of Illusion magic show on Friday, Scott was getting into the car and noticed the wheel cover was missing on the back tire of the Camry. Now our car looked like it belonged in the hood, with the stylin cover gone. We tried to think of how we could get a new one. We pretty much figured the chances of finding it somewhere along our 35 mile route were pretty slim. But there was one place that possibly could be the culprit, a particularly bad set of railroad tracks on 56th street on the way to the Crosstown expressway. The next night we were on our way to Eastbay Raceway for the Sprint Car Nationals races and we drove on the same bad tracks. Was it an illusion? Lo and behold, there was our hubcap. Sitting on the sidewalk just waiting for us to drive by and find it.


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