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Masters of Illusion

Friday night we enjoyed a magic show "Masters of Illusion" at the Mahaffey Theatre in St Petersburg as our Christmas gift from our friends. There are always a ton of interesting things to do in St Pete, but that hour drive over the bay is quite the deterrent after a long day at work. But once you get over there, cool stuff happens. We had great seats and were bedazzled by five different illusionists, Titou from Paris, Farrell Dillion, Drexus the masked swashbuckler, Greg Gleason and Rick Thomas.

There were lots of ladies in boxes who were squished, stabbed, sliced and diced, spun around and who disappeared right in front of our very eyes. Lots of slight of hand, levitating ladies and a cool math trick where all the numbers on the board added up to the same number. Here's a video of one of the tricks.

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