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Kites, Bikes, Music & A Drink

Whew. Home now to relax by the fire. We had a busy day today starting out with a quick motorcycle ride across the bay (another one tank trip) to Treasure Island for the Kite Festival on the beach. We brought our own kites too for a fun time with the tourists. Absolutely chamber of commerce day today, hope you made it outside. Unfortunately for the festival goers there was an uncharacteristic lack of wind at the beach and it was pretty tough for the the participants to fly their fancy kites. This one was air bound for a few minutes in gust of wind, but shortly was like this -
So, we decided since we couldn't really fly our kites, we'd hop across the peninsula to Vinoy Park in St Pete to see the Sunshine Music Festival and hear a little of Los Lobos. They didn't play their one big hit, so if you're planning on going tomorrow they'll probably play it then.

After the trip home, we ordered a pizza for secret shop assignment. Since I lost another pound today (only 2 more to go), I thought it would be nice to walk around Busch Gardens and use our $10 BG Bucks before they expire, so I treated myself to a Woodchuck Winter Chill Ale. Not quite a beer, but I splurged today didn't I. Pizza and Beer. All in a day. 

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