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Quit Being So Nice

One of the hardest things about trying to break a bad habit, or change a behavior is people who are too nice. Most people like to share, or empathize with others who are suffering (dieting or quitting some addictive habit) so when the quitting party quietly declines to partake in the offending ritual, it is met with resistance by nice people. For example, today we had to celebrate a birthday at work that involved eating cupcakes. Its not like they were some special homemade cupcake with fluffy buttercream frosting, and hidden caramel nuggets and chocolate chunks oozing out of the pores. No, it was just a commercial made cupcake with florescent pink and green frosting. It wasn't even tempting.

But some people insist on encouraging others to imbibe when they have already opted out. Don't do this. If someone doesn't want to eat a cupcake, just be quiet and enjoy yours. Don't be a pusher. For some people it is really hard to decline an offer because they don't want to rebuf feelings of sharing, gratitude, friendship, fellowship or whatever feelings they have learned to associate with breaking bread with others. I personally don't have a problem with that, but it gets really old having to decline offers from people who know that they shouldn't contribute to my vice. Quit being so nice.
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