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Got Fog?

Friday morning we woke up to a thick fog, that hung quietly in the trees and sky. It was super thick, enough to make me question my choice of riding my bicycle to work - the first work day of 2015. I decided since school was out and most working people in America were not working, it would be safe. And it was. I made it.

Every day that dear and I ride our bike/motorcycle to work, we always text that we "made it". Isn't that stupid that we have to do that, given how dangerous our commutes are? If people would only pay attention when they drive, not text or put on makeup, and make sure they are licensed to drive, and properly insured - then it would be not be a problem for the non-car commuters. But 40% of the people on the road in Tampa are uninsured and unlicensed, and a large percentage of drivers are not paying attention as they drive. So, our chances of "making it" are a lot less than people who drive cars.

Next time the weather is raining, snowing or foggy just pay attention when you drive, my life depends on it.
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