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How to Save $1000

Today we're doing a home project that actually probably would cost more than $1000, but because we're frugal it will cost less than $200. Our project is to paint the pool deck, and paint the front sidewalk and the back landing in front of the shed. Every three or four years we pressure wash the deck and paint it to keep it in great condition. The soft limestone cool deck material will degrade if not maintained, so we make it a priority. It would be incredibly expensive to fix or replace if it became cracked or chunks broke off.

The thing with these projects is they take so much prep time. The painting will actually only take a couple hours, but we've already spent 6 hours pressure washing, sweeping, blow drying and more sweeping. However, its not a task that requires any great skills, its just labor. Contractors love to charge a lot of money to do menial tasks as part of large projects.

The thing is, if there is a task we can do ourselves, we'll do it. It's call cost avoidance, and it's a practice than most financially savvy people follow.
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