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Straight Teeth in One Minute


In case the video doesn't show above, here is the link.

I remember when I had braces as a child and it seemed like every other day we had to go to the orthodontist, but finally the day came when my teeth were straight. Besides getting a college education, I think the best thing to ever improve someones self image and self worth is to have a nice smile that you are confident to show off. Even though I may not be beautiful, I know I have nice teeth, and a nice smile. Besides, your teeth are the gateway to good health.

Here is a one minute video showing the time lapse orthodontic teeth straightening that was uploaded to Youtube over five years ago, but if you are ever wondering how this mundane process becomes amazing, just watch the video.

And if you don't have a nice smile, consider braces - you'll never regret it.
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