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Happy New Year & 4th Qtr 2017 Mileage Report

Well I'll start out by wishing a Happy New Year to everyone.  May this year be filled with blessed moments and plenty of happiness. The past year has been good to us and we are looking forward to a prosperous 2018. We are healthier and wealthier than a year ago, and our path to retirement does not appear to have bumps to derail us from our plans. The last big purchase that we want to be done with prior to retiring is to get a new vehicle and have it paid off before we quit our jobs. We need to do this in 2018. The beautiful Ford Explorer above is 20 years old and still runs great with only 76K. It will be for sale this year at a great price. We are the original owners and have taken proper care, everything works and it has a 3500 lb towing capacity with the towing package. There is nothing wrong with it, we just want the features of a new vehicle. We've been shopping for a new Toyota Sienna mini van and hope to find what we want before the next quarterly report!
But for now nothing too exciting about our mileage the past quarter. I rode my bike to work most days and also on weekends, so the bike again came in second as our transportation choice. We have cut back on coupon shopping runs to Publix on weekends, so we haven't gotten out on the motorcycles so much. I only rode 70 miles this quarter, so that probably was only 2 weekend rides. We've been canoeing on weekends too instead of motorcycling. I don't expect to see an increase in motorcycling so I am glad they have indoor storage in our shed, out of the elements. Until Dear agrees that we should just sell them.

Part of the reason our vehicles have low mileage is because we walk for many of our errands after work - we walk to the library every week, we walk to the grocery store, we walk to the local bar for wings and we walk at Busch Gardens. More often than not we walk over 10K steps a day. It has helped me maintain a 25 lb weight loss, and Scott lost 15 lbs also.

Marie's steps 2017

Scott's steps 2017

So, that's a wrap on 2017.

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