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#BWCA 2016 Eddy Jenny Annie Kingfisher Ogish Part 6

Our biggest day in the Boundary Waters was our journey across seven portages and lakes to reach Alpine Lake from Knife Lake. We started out with a short paddle across to Eddy Falls and then it was a series of quick small lakes and short portages until we reached the long lake of Ogish.
Once again the water was smooth and we had figured out our routine by now. The packs were lighter as we had consumed a couple days worth of food and water. Once again we were wearing our long sleeve Omni Zero Freeze Columbia shirts which protected us from the sun and kept us cool when we were doing all those sweaty portages.
The good thing about our long day of seven portages is that they weren't that long, generally about 18 to 35 rods.

Some of the portages were hard to find like this one on Annie Lake. It had rained so much that the landing was underwater and we had to look for the path out of the water.

I haven't mentioned about camp meals much, but here you can see we have our fish in a basket and our pan of noodles to go with it.

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