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2nd Qtr 2016 Mileage Report

Wow where did this past quarter go? It certainly wasn't traveling for us, or anytime off from work. Except if you call walking traveling, we've walked a lot. I gave Dear a fitbit for his birthday in Feb (actually I got a new one and gave him my old one) but since then he's on a mission to walk a lot, 10K steps a day. Actually, Dear and I each walked 469 miles this quarter! Many of those miles were at Busch Gardens where they now have the Kinetix show every night in the summer.

We can't even count any canoeing miles this summer yet either, but it is on the agenda for this weekend. Last year at this time we had already canoed over 58 miles in preparation for our BWCA canoe camping trip in Sept. Thats right folks, we'll be back up North for our annual jaunt to the MN State Fair this summer, and the BWCA.

So, our vehicles haven't changed in many years. The truck is now 18 years old and doesn't even have 75K miles. I'm totally embarassed to realize we  haven't changed the oil on it since Sept 2014. But thats not responsibility, its a guy job. So that will get done shortly. See its good we do these mileage reports so we can keep track of what the hell is going on with our vehicles. 

My bike is great, no flat tires in a really long time, like over a year or something. And I ride over glass everyday. Yesterday I was riding and not paying attention and ran over a field of glass and psyched myself out like I had a slow leak all the way home. The back tire was a little bit under my target of 80 psi, but still not flats. For that I am forever grateful.

I was gone for a portion of the quarter in AZ with my parents and sister to see how they were doing. They're all hanging in there, despite the heat. We managed to make a short trip to the Grand Canyon and it was spectacular, of course. I did ride bike out there each day in the desert and I can tell you I don't miss it. Give me humidity and some trees anyday.

So, the issue we have going into the next quarter is Dears ST1300. It doesn't start. We just discovered this last weekend and its in the shop now. I sure hope the techs there can figure it out, seems to be something with the FI light or fuel injection. I'm sure it will be expensive.

So relatively few expenses on the vehicles, except auto and motorcycle insurance - which was spendy but necessary in our state where almost half the people on the road have no insurance or drivers license either. 

Looking at our usage this past quarter, it is very typical, with 53% driving in the camry and equal parts bike and ST1300 to commute to work. Not too many motorcycle weekend rides this quarter as we've had other things going on.

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