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2016 1st Qtr Mileage Report


Well it’s the end of the 1st quarter of 2016 and time for the quarterly mileage report. I’m not fooling when I report that this is the 8th year of providing these compelling statistics about our vehicles. I’m sure you look forward to reading about oil changes and maintenance, the trends we drive and ride and of course the costs associated with these monstrosities in our driveway. Its hard to believe that we actually have all the same vehicles we began writing eight years ago about in these reports. Folks, that is not by mistake, or because we can’t afford new stuff. In fact its because we are frugal and maintain and keep possessions a long time - that we could be the unsuspecting millionaire next door. Did you save or invest over 50% of your income in the past year? We did. Are you driving an “old” car? We are. Do you have and wear your same T-shirts from concerts and road races and bike trips from the 1980’s? We do. We even have the same couch and loveseat from 1986 and its in perfect condition with no spills, stains or pet hair!

Back to our mileage. We are driving less and walking more. We walk the mile to the grocery store at least once a week to pick up a few items we can carry comfortably. I got a $50 Best Buy gift certificate for signing up for Samsung Pay on my S6 phone, and used it to get a Fitbit ChargeHR. So I passed on my fitbit flex to DH and he is now a walking fool, keeping up with 10,000 steps daily. Now he nags me to walk everywhere so he can get more steps. I walked 408 miles according to my Fitbit. We logged 3272 miles between the car, truck, motorcycles and my bicycle.  Actually, the truck, Scotts motorcycle and my bike were pretty much tied for the quarter all with an average 530 miles completed. Our estimated cost of gas for the past quarter is $209, just about 4 of our stash of $50 gas cards.  

As you can see the miles logged on my motorcycle are just over 100 which reflects  our rides on weekends, since I don’t ride my motorcycle to work generally. If it’s a nice day to ride, I’ll choose the bicycle. So our weekend riding has been replaced with concerts and festivals, which is typical this time of year. Soon our weekends will involve paddling our canoe in preparation for our 2nd annual BWCA canoe adventure in Northern Minnesota at the end of the summer.

In case you're wondering what a picture of pizza has to do with mileage, nothing. It's just a picture of leftover pizza from Grimaldi's. The free birthday offers have been coming in and I have a couple weeks worth of free meals and food coming to me. This was one of the best though, a free Large pizza!
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