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Birthday Trifecta - Sarah, Marie & Wanda


Well, Spring is definitely here in FL. Lots of beautiful flowers, birds are chirping and pretty soon baby ducks will be floating around the ponds.  It also brings a slew of birthdays and the next three days in a row include mine! Today is Scott's granddaughters 10th birthday - Happy day to Sarahbelle!

Tomorrow is my 53rd and I'll be on a quest to get as many great freebies as possible. I have a stack of emails with all the offers but only a few will make the cut for my actual birthday - Denny's for grand slam breakfast, then Leah's Café for free Cuban lunch, then Grimaldi's for my free Large pizza, a free sub sandwich from Firehouse subs, and of course a free Starbucks Frappuccino beverage. The other freebies from Hooters, Moe's, Jason's Deli, Kobe Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday and a few others don't have be to be redeemed on my actual birthday, so they'll be next week. Saturday evening is the Collective Soul concert at Busch Gardens and we have VIP seats, I'm excited for a great show. Busch Gardens pass members get 30% off select restaurants this month, so finally some discounted beer there.

Sunday, brings us Wanda's birthday and Easter. Our wonderful neighbor will turn 81 and she's holding up strong. Wanda has always been there for us, and we love and appreciate her so much! We're invited to attend their family Easter celebration at her son's house and it will be a feast.

If you have the day off today, Good Friday - lucky you - enjoy yourself, I'll be at work.

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