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2015 1st Quarter Mileage Report - 100000K

We reached another milestone this quarter with one of our vehicles, the 2004 Camry finally turned over 100,000 miles about a week ago. We hope to have it for many more years until we're ready to retire in about 2020, and it should probably last. Our travel of 3712 miles this quarter was consistent with the last four quarters, if not a little higher. The Camry as always is the primary mode of transport, with a tie between the ST1300 and the Truck coming in second.

Notice I didn't hardly ride my bike at all, only five days in the quarter. The last time I rode less than 100 miles a quarter was back two years ago when my road to work was under construction. Dark, cold mornings are quite the deterrent, plus I needed to drive the days we had stuff going on with the roof project that. It is getting lighter each morning, so I hope to start off with a good start in April. If I ride everyday, it'll help me really get a chance to win the higi Spring Challenge by getting credit for those miles plus my walking.

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