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Thaw Your Heart for Valentines

Brrr! It's 45F here headed down to 36F tonight. Its a great night before valentines to snuggle and stay warm for that cold morning blast of winter. It will be the coldest night of the year, but admittedly we're not about to go below freezing this winter for the 5th year in a row. Global warming strikes Florida  - still hasn't ever been 100F in Tampa, but time will tell. Anyway, the Winter Warlock has brought the blast of coldness to our neck of the woods for the weekend. I've got my extra layer of leggings on under my jeans to stay warm. Our dog has her party beads on and a Tshirt to keep her a little warmer out tonight around the fire.

Anyway, Saturday is Valentines day whether its hot or cold.  Guys, you just have to warm up your chick a little with some wine or chocolates or something to thaw out their hearts. We're planning on going to another parade (there's still more coming on St Patricks day too...) for the St Yago Knight Parade in Ybor. The one and only Jerry Springer will be there to perform services to renew the vows of married couples before the parade. We have some coupons for free wings and BWW for being a "true fan" and for DH's birthday thats around the corner, so it will be a frugal date night. So who knows maybe we'll get married again (DH would wonder why he would want to do that again) or maybe not. To us, everyday is Valentines day so this official holiday is not that different from any other day. But there is a great purpose to Valentines day and that is to share some love and let people know who are important to you, that you love and care about them. So, to all our families and friends out there, we think of you often and love you and wish we could spend more time with you all. We have all the technology we need out there to stay in touch, so do it.

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Happy Valentines Day!
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