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#FloridaStateFair 2015

After sleeping in after the Bob Seger concert, we met the roofing contractor (that's another story), but then we meandered off to the Florida State Fair for a fun day of shows, entertainment, food and music. Since our Minnesota connection is ended, we may have spent our last days at the Minnesota State Fair. We have to embrace the Florida State Fair since it has a lot to offer - including Wisconsin cheese curds. Thats right. We had some pretty yummy Poutine at the Fair. Crispy hot french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. This huge portion only cost $7. What a deal.

We also enjoyed some of the great Strawberries on Strawberry Shortcake from the Florida Living Building.
 There is lots of entertainment, including the fireman high dive, the circus, Kuchunga the alligator wrestler, The racing pigs and the Weldt family bears, plus we listened to some irish music, some old person music and a rock show.
The fireman dive show featuring college students who excelled at diving but failed to get a marketable degree, so they're working state fairs diving off 80 feet high platforms into 10 ft deep pool. Not a smart thing to do. Pick a better major.

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