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When Companies Fail

When Companies Fail
The new year brought with it a change in our health insurance prescription provider. We've had Express Scripts for nine years and the state decided to switch it up this year. It probably is a cost saving measure because the new provider CVS/Caremark has really done a good job of not doing their job. The new provider Caremark was supposed to transfer prescriptions that have refills at the first of the year. I figured give them a few days to get it transferred before registering for an account with them, because of course it was not available for us to register until the first of the year.

So last week, I signed up and expected to see my prescriptions there ready for a refill. But of course my account is empty. So, I write to the old provider and the new provider asking them to take care of this. Nothing happens except some lame emails bounce around with no action. So, I call the new provider and tell them to escalate this request and transfer my prescriptions because I need to get one refilled. Promises are made and nothing happens. So I call again a couple days later and the rep tells me she can see I have some prescriptions on my account. I tell her I can't see them, and she said its a computer glitch. I tell her to write a work order to fix the computer glitch. Nothing happens. More lame emails bounce around. Every time there is a new excuse why nothing shows in my account with a different reason from a different person.

I refuse to bother my Dr to send new prescriptions to the new provider just because they can't do the job they're supposed to do. If this company were not being forced on me, I would fire them. In fact, I intend to write complaint letters to the state letting them know they made a poor choice in providers. But that will just appease me, not really accomplish anything. I'm sure our governor doesn't really care about state employees, he would just as soon get rid of us all and hire his buddies to be contractors for the services we provide.

Its amazing how many companies out there don't realize that the most important factor of customer satisfaction is service. Good service means you will have a loyal customer for a long time, even if you raise your price. Even if you change your policies and make it tougher for the customer to like you, if you have good service they will stay. Even if companies change the rules to dissuade some customers from being customers - if you are better than the competition they will stay.

But unfortunately, Caremark has the state employee account and it doesn't matter how shitty their service is. We can't fire them, or leave and find our own provider. These companies with poor service don't realize how vocal consumers are these days and how easy it is to voice our opinions on the internet.
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