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4th QTR 2014 Mileage & Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Happy New Year! Here's the final mileage report for the year and its not that amazing. You can quit reading right now because this is for me, ok?
As usual, the car took us where we needed to go most of the time, 47% of the miles. Scott commuted a fair amount on his motorcycle so it came in second with almost a 1000 miles this quarter, bringing the total miles on the ST1300 to 3150/yr. I managed to ride my bike 1505 miles this year, more than the 1132 miles I drove my motorcycle. We've cut back on our couponing runs on the motorcycles so I expect that trend to continue. The reliable old truck was driven a measly 350 miles this quarter. At only 72K it will be over 20 years old before we get to 100K. Everything still works fine though, and over 41K people have enjoyed viewing our Youtube video this year demonstrating how to replace the cruise control switches. Not much else to report, no maintenance, no problems or payments for anything. We did change the oil on my motorcycle, and I did get a flat tire on my bike due to glass, but those were essentially free to fix. Our total miles traveled this year were 13546, a decrease from previous years.
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