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Tropical Heatwave Concert Event


This past weekend we attended the 33rd Annual Tropical Heatwave organized by my favorite public radio station It's a great event, and this year there were 55 bands playing over two nights in several different venues throughout Ybor City in Tampa, FL. We've gone to a lot of heatwaves' in the years past and they always an exhausting, but fun time. Since there are so many bands it starts really early, like 5:30 pm, and of course lasts into the wee hours of the night when Ybor really starts to wake up with all the partying young kids.
We saw about ten bands this year, the Deadfields, Bright lights and Social Hour, Moon Hootch, Bree, Joseph Arthur, Come Back Alice, Main Squeeze, The Hold Steady, Hip Abduction and Black Taxi. Maybe even another one some where along the line. For $40 buck donation to the station, you can't beat it. The weather this year was perfect, if not a little warm. The evening cooled down nice with a good breeze so the outdoor venues were the favorites of ours for the night. It's starting to get a little warm here in FL with daytime temps in the 90's now. With the bright shiny sun it feels downright hot. I know my family would say, oh its the humidity but its not. Its just hot. It just takes a few weeks to get acclimated to the warm sun and hot temps.
Anyway, in other exciting news my sister is moving from Minnesota to Arizona in about a month. She'll get a dose of hot there too. DH got a flat tire on his motorcycle last week so we had to bring it into the shop to get a new one installed. While at the dealership we signed up for a local country radio station contest, and DH won a pair of concert tickets to Lady Antebellum for this upcoming Saturday night. I'm excited to go since they are such a great show. We saw them years ago when they warmed up for some other country star, but now they're big time and have their own headliner show. That my friends - is why you should always go to the warm up acts at concerts - those bands may be big someday and you can say you saw them years ago!
I still face the evil scale every day trying to lose that 5 lbs I gained on the Easter cruise. Hasn't happened yet, not even close. Starting to get drastic this week with cutting out breads and carbs, eating more proteins to kick start some weight lost. Apparently biking and walking 12 miles of exercise 4-5x a week isn't working anymore on my bod. DH still hasn't lost his weight either. Hope we don't stay fat. We'll have to be more careful about putting in on in the future since its proving to take some extra effort this time to lose it.
Stay Cool. Drink plenty of water. And use sunblock.
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