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And The Earth Rotates Every So Slowly

Well, I haven't updated the blog lately, been busy taking care of the dog. A week after her eye surgery the old girl started stumbling around with an unsteady gait. She quit eating and drinking and couldn't walk. She lost 6 lbs in a week. She spent another day at the hospital sedated to clean out her ears. The vet gave us pills for nause and motion sickness after diagnosing the problem as vestibular disease. She has a bad, bad, nasty inner ear infection that has caused vertigo. We've gotten some of the symptons under control, but the infection is resistant to most antibiotics.
So now we have to feed her wet food so she'll eat and then give 4 pills twice a day. She's better now and not nauseated so she's eating, but still walking around like a drunk, with the cocked head - bumping into things. She fell in the pool on Sunday, so we had to pressure wash the deck to remove all moldy slipperyness and blocked off the step so she won't go in swimming.
Anyway, more drugs are on the way from the pharmacy express UPS, so hopefully we can administer and get this infection under control. It's been a spendy month at the vet. Good thing we don't have a mortgage payment because we spent it on the dog this month.

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