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Doggy Diet Time


So our dog has had this fatty cyst growing on her eyelid since this summer and we decided it was finally starting to bother her and surgery was needed. So we brought her into the vet and they did whatever they do to cysts on the underside of eyelids. We were concerned she would need to wear a cone to keep her paws out of her eye, but she hasn't bothered it at all and hasn't needed a cone.

The vet did a blood profile test and did find out that our dog has a high content of fat in her blood, basically she has high cholesterol. I'm actually a little surprised since she is down 2 lbs from her normal weight. But then again, she does have fatty lumps under her skin which probably is cholesterol lumps. So, a doggy diet is in order. I checked the kind of food Purina One that we currently feed her and it has 16% fat. The healthy weight formula has 8-12% fat so we'll probably bring the fattening stuff back to Publix and exchange it for low fat stuff. Also no more wet cans of dog food on her food bowl on those cold nights to keep her warm. Any people food snacks are going to be limited to fruits and vegetables only.
It's probably going to be harder for me not to feed her, than it will be for her to eat what she gets. But we all know changing your diet is hard and requires willpower and diligence. I know the dog is going to quit eating for a while and I'll feel sorry for her, but if that happens all she's going to get is some tomatoes, cucumbers and bananas - no fatty foods. Maybe I'll start heating up some frozen vegetables for her to have on top of her food, she likes beans, broccoli and corn.
We'll see how she does.
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