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Rocking at #Ribfest, More Concerts

Gin Blossoms
Gin Blossoms, from Tempe, AZ
The Chamber of Commerce ordered a beautiful Fall day here in Tampa for my last Saturday in Florida for a while. We hopped on ST1300 and rode across the Bay to Vinoy Park for Ribfest. Its an annual music festival that is very affordable and at a great venue - outdoors. They don't over search your bags so you can usually sneak in a couple bottles of water, and you can bring chairs to plop down and find a nice place to enjoy the music. Its right on the water so you can go watch boaters and other people playing on the water. One of the best things about #Ribfest is that they have primo motorcycle parking right next to the festival, for free. The tickets for each day are only $16, so its definitely a frugal event that shouldn't be missed.

The Tampa Police Dept Chief Jane Caster took the day off to party at Ribfest too. Here she is with her new wife and her new finger. She just got married recently when the laws changed allowing such a thing, and just this past week she was fitted with a prosthetic finger after losing the tip in a boating accident.

Here's the place we got our great pulled pork sandwiches and some yummy Mac N Cheese.  There were a least a dozen places for ribs, plus vendors for any other food you could want.

But back to the music - it was great. We happened to plop right along the walk way up front figuring that at least people couldn't stand in front of us. It turned out to be a genius idea because the security people kept the railing clear of "standers" all nigth and we had a perfect view. After Gin Blossoms the band Sister Hazel played.

Edgar Winter and Steppenwolf closed out the evening with lots of guitar jams.

And of course, any rock show brings out Medicine Man the dim wit we know from the #Cowhead radio show. We try to get a picture with him every time we see him over the years and I bet we have a dozen of them, maybe that could be a blog entry some day.

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