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Oh My Water

I woke up today feeling crappy due to the cold I've been fighting off for the last couple days, and decided to call off and stay home and rest. So this morning I got up, made DH his breakfast and he was off early to give a coworker a ride to work since her car was in the shop. This meant that the outside chores became mine to do, like feed and water the dog, and water the garden. But I didn't feel like it, so I peeked out and the dog still had full food and water bowls, so I went back to bed.
Now its midmorning, and I'm thinking I better water the plants before they burn up. We've been getting lots of tomatoes and onions this year so it helps with the salad costs. Anyway, I head outside and notice the pool is full. I mean to the top. Then I remembered we turned on the hose to fill it up some since it had evaporated enough that it needed a topper. We had turned on the hose at 7pm, and I'm wondering - did DH turn off the water last night?, I know I didn't. So I walk over there and nudge the hose til the end comes out of the water, and its GUSHING! The hose has been on all night and through the morning and now its 15 hours later when I turn it off.
Amazingly the pool didn't overflow, which wouldn't have been a big deal. But now I'm thinking what a waste. We could have used that water on our dead brown lawn. Which actually I might do, since I just thought of it - I can backflush it out onto the yard. Except, we just shocked it Wednesday, too much chlorine. So, I call DH and tell him he forgot to turn off the water. He thinks its my fault since I turned it on. I tell him I've been sick, so I'm not responsible for making sound choices. Its his deal.  And the expense won't be that punishing since its irrigation water, about 2500 gallons costs $5.
But I hate it when really, really stupid things happen because we slipped up. I hope its not a sign of age.
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