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Help Light Up The Sky


Every year for 4th of July, we either go to Daytona to see the NASCAR races or we stay home and go to the Temple Terrace parade at the end of our street. After the parade we go to the Baptist church and get some free hot dogs and hamburgers and then go to the free concert at Busch Gardens, or to avoid the traffic we just go to our fav haunt The Firehouse Grill & Pub and watch the City of Temple Terrace fireworks across the street.
But this year the economy is messin' with our fun. For one thing, the new owners of Busch Gardens have been cutting expenses and now there won't be any special entertainment for 4th of July. And to add to our planning misery, the city of TT is having a tough time coming up with taxpayer money to fund the fireworks. So they put this sign in front of City Hall to raise money, and they have ads in the paper and requests on the website. It seems they need to raise $25,000 to burn it all up on fireworks. So far the sign shows they've raised about 1/2 what they want, but I wonder what that means. Will they still have the fireworks but just cut out the grand finale where they blow up probably half the supply?
I'm disappointed that the Pepins (Budwieser distributor owner) who live right here in TT, on the Hillsborough river; or Mark Knapp the county commissioner who lives on the river just down the road from the Pepins - don't just pony up a few grand each and then we could be done with it all.
So I guess we just wait and see what develops. If you win the lottery and need to just blow up some of your cash, you can donate to the City of TT by calling 813-989-7004 or visit
Thanks in advance for your generous donation.
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