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Grey Ducks & Rolling Stone


I thought you all we anxiously waiting to hear how the ducks at work are doing. They've been hiding the last couple weeks, but this week they've started to show themselves off and enjoy a swim in the pond quite frequently. I talk to them when I walk by so I think they know its me and they don't have to run away. This isn't a very good picture, but there are six of the seven ducklings still hangin in there. They haven't grown very big in the last couple weeks, it seems they are only about double the size of before.
I've also attached a picture of one of the little foals or ponies or whatever baby horses are called. There are four of them with their moms, in the cow field across the street from my work, so I get to keep tabs on them too, along with the ducks.
Also, I thought you might be interested in the Rolling Stone article about General McChrystal and how he bashes the White House. The magazine hits the stands today, but you can read it online for FREE! It is not too long and it is a good, entertaining read. All of you Obama haters will get a good laugh. Read it.
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