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Happy Easter 1st Qtr 2018 Mileage Report

Happy Easter everyone, and welcome to the first mileage report for the year 2018, featuring our new vehicle, a 2018 Sienna LE mini van. We decided we need to get this final hurdle to our retirement out of the way by purchasing and paying off our retirement vehicle before quitting our jobs in a couple years. We hated to get rid of the 20 year old truck but we were afraid it was going to start costing some maintenance money since it needed new tires and the AC was weakening. It didn't go far though, our neighbor a couple doors down saw the writing on the windows and made a good offer way over blue book so we sold it to him. He says we can use it whenever we need to for firewood or other hauling, which is great.

We ended up getting an 8 passenger van, but we removed one of the middle seats, and keep the back row tucked down in the floor, so really it only has 3 seats now. That gives us plenty of room to carry our bikes around and we can even slide the canoe in and bring it to the river. We're still getting used to all the bells and whistles, syncing, music and safety features. And of course, we have to park it in the back of the parking lot at the grocery store so we don't get dings from shopping carts. We also unbolted the central console between the seats so it is portable and can be moved out of the way for trips, so the passenger can easily step back into the van without climbing over the console. We've enjoyed the vehicle for tailgating at the state fair, concerts and the racetrack.

I disappointed to notice that I did not ride my motorcycle once this quarter, and Scott only rode a couple times to Busch Gardens. To many other things to do I guess. Also, I had both hands injured at the beginning of March which are still healing and my ability to use hand brakes on bikes and motorcycles will be limited for a while. My middle fingers have broken fingertips and are still swollen, stiff and in need of physical therapy. The wounds are healed and I can use the pool and hottub now, but the bones and tendons take a bit longer to mend.

So, until the next posting - Have a great Easter and April Fools day! I wrapped grapes in foil wrapping and fooled my mom into thinking it was a chocolate Easter egg LOL😇
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