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Winter Canoeing

We got out for another canoe ride on the Hillsborough river on our long MLK Day weekend. We've been lucky to have a really nice winter with most days between 60 -80 degrees, perfect for some outdoor activities. The canoe launch closest to our home is less than a mile away and we can paddle upstream in some relatively remote scenery despite the fact that it is right in the neighborhood. The trees lose some of the green color and the moss hangs on all the trees creating a wintery effect.
 We've decided we want to invest in a new canoe, a kevlar one like we used in the BWCA. Its quite expensive and we've saving up "side money" to get one in a while. But meanwhile we have the Sawyer vintage beast that is actually plenty sleek on the water. We paddle about 3 miles an hour, so it takes 2 hours to go up and back 6 miles on the river.

The seagulls sunned themselves on the dock it was so nice out.

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