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Orchids, Hyenas and Cheetahs - Oh My!

Our winter wonderland is Busch Gardens full of beautiful flowers and lots of greenery. We walk about 7000 steps around the park at least a couple times a week after work. It's a nice walk and especially these days it is empty! We get the place to ourselves, and it is quite the joy.

Today we saw the hyenas actually doing something besides laying around like they usually are. This little pup was bugging his mom to play and she would have none of it. In case you're reading this on FB, you need to click through to blog to see the short video.

On MLK day we happened to wander by the Cheetahs and they had a cheetah training run demonstration. The trainers tie a lure of feathers to a line that is strung around a pully and little wheely posts so they can use a remote control to move the line around at up to 200 miles per hour. The cheetah came out into the play area and saw the lure and chased it super fast like 60 mph. It took about 4 cycles around the route before the cheetah caught the prey. I think the cats name was Chi and she is about 100 lbs and a few years old. After catching the prey she was very overheated as their body temp gets to 105F after a chase, and it takes a while to get back to normal. The cat is exhausted after that effort. You could see her bring the lure to a nearby tree and try to protect it from predators (there are none in BG), but in the wild Lions will watch for a cheetah hunt and come in after the catch when the cat is tired and steal their kill while they recover from their chase.

See what you're missing? Nature, education and exercise all in one place.

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