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2016 3rd Qtr Mileage


Back to work Monday morning which will be a break from all our hard labor. The tree is finally gone and we can move on with the fence project. It sure sucks reading about everyone's great fun weekends, when we worked like common laborers. I walked 7.7 miles yesterday and never left my yard. In addition to the tree service cutting down the one tree, we cut down about 10 others. I'll never let a tree get too big again, if I can help it.

Anyway, we did get out Saturday after the first tree service was a no show to try to salvage the day. We had a nice evening downtown at the Tailgate Taste Fest at Curtis Hixon park and watched the Trigger City Trio play some great rock n roll.

Now onto the quarterly mileage report. I'm disappointed to say I only rode my motorcycle once this past quarter, not a good sign. And we really didn't replace it with much canoeing, since we only paddled about 43 miles, not counting our BWCA trip where we did another 40 some miles. But we did walk a lot. Scott walked 555 miles and I walked 436 miles. So we traveled more on foot than by truck, or motorcycle. We replaced the battery on the 12 year old Camry, finally changed the oil on the truck, and replaced the fuel injector harness on the ST1300 after finding out a rat ate the wires this summer.

We had a record low mileage quarter at only 2781, not even 3000 miles this quarter. Unless you count the 1000 miles we drove in Minnesota, which we don't because it wasn't our car. I did have a good quarter bike riding, even though I got caught in the summer rains a few times. I have already ridden over 1545 miles this year!

I know I promised y'all my updates on BWCA canoe trip and I 've uploaded pictures and videos, just have to add commentary to my blog entries so I hope that happens in the next week or so.
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