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Workout Wednesday


We've continued on our plan to go canoeing a couple times a week and we've been blessed with beautiful weather on Wednesdays, so it's become workout Wednesday. It's a little tiring after riding my bike 10 miles and walking 2 miles, but we managed to paddle over 4 miles after work. The Hillsborough river is nice and peaceful and we hauled ass with an average speed of 3.4 mph. That puts us over 25 miles so far toward our 100 mile goal this summer. My lunch lady upper arms can tell the difference and are firming up a little more each time we paddle. Pretty soon my pipes will look as nice as Michelle Obama...

Here's a couple items we picked up at Amazon to protect our stuff in case of a problem, like fighting alligators that might knock over our canoe. The Frieq phone case is nice and has clear plastic on both sides with touch sensitive features so you can operate your phone through the cover. I took this picture of the man while the phone was in the case.

We also got this larger bag for our BWCA trip coming up in a few months to store all our stuff when we're out in the wilderness. The 10L size is big enough for everything we need to protect.

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