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ZZ Top and Jeck Beck Concert

Finally making it back to Tampa, ZZ Top played at the amphitheatre for their rescheduled concert from last summer. I think this is the 4th or 5th time we've seen them, the best show was many years ago in Minnesota at the State Fair when we had 8th row tickets. It was a great show of course on a beautiful outdoor evening. Jeck Beck warmed up and even joined the same 3 guys playing the same 3 chords later in the night. The amphitheatre seems to be doing a new thing with concerts that don't sell out by offering cheap tickets on Groupon and essentially making the 300 section the new lawn. There were no seating section signs and we ended up sitting in the 3rd row so the view was good for only $25. Next month we're doing the same thing at the Train concert, that was only $19 tickets.

The Lightning were playing game 4 of the playoffs against Montreal, and they forgot to show up to the game. They Canadiens beat them handily 6 to 2. I think it was a work, because the league wants more ticket revenue, concessions and tourist dollars flowing. Anyway, it was good we were just monitoring it rather than having to list to Scott screaming at the bolts all night in frustration.

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