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Pentatonix Concert


This past weekend we attended another concert at Busch Gardens, Pentatonix. We, being the old fogies who only listen to tried and true classic music have never heard of this group. I feel like I've been living under a rock and just crawled out. This was the most packed concert I have ever seen in my days at Busch Gardens. The parking lot was overflowing, cars were parked in aisles and curbs. At the concerts here, the rule is seating areas are to remain seated (no standing) and if you want to stand there is a third of the area with no benches so you can stand and dance. Well, that didn't work out so well for this show. The first sight of the group and everyone was standing and lots of young people were standing on the bleachers too. The security staff was overwhelmed and couldn't stop any of this deviant behavior.

The thing I didn't understand was the draw. These self professed choir nerds didn't even have a band, or a single instrument on stage. They basically sang karaoke to pre-recorded music. The stage was simply a layered choir step stand that they walked up and down on. Sure, they could sing -  but not any better than any other group of 5 people from choir. Somehow, someway they were discovered. I read they were YouTube sensations, but really they don't have that much talent. I just stood there and shook my head. If this is what the future generation goes ga ga over, it will be a sad state of music in our future. I hope they at least wrote their own songs.
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