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What Does 1200 Calories Look Like?


Still on my diet here. Lost 4 lbs so far, only 6 to go. It's going to get harder shortly. So far I haven't really missed beer or chicken wings, but I have been hungry every single day. Eating 1200 calories is about what a normal days intake is for an adult woman my size. But most people totally underestimate what they eat. I do to. But the single most helpful tool I have is my phone. Actually, its an app or two on my phone that I use to log my weight, my dietary intake and my exercise.

The android app I recommend is called myfitnesspal and it is free. You can also log in on your computers or devices and it syncs everything together. So, if you want to diet, you need a tracker app to help you. It's really helpful when you're thinking of cheating and eating something that you shouldn't. When you have to enter the quantity and item it shows you where you're at with your day, and if you're going to go over your goal or not. The other app I recommend is cardiotrainer for tracking your exercise. I use it to measure the distance walking around Busch Gardens, or when we go for a walk and it's not a known distance. Then I take that number and enter it into myfitnesspal because it doesn't have a GPS and provide tracking like that. If someone were a genius and knew how to create android apps, they could combine #myfitnesspal and #cardiotrainer into one app. Even though they are both free, I would probably pay for one that did both. Maybe. Maybe not. Its not that big a deal to do what I do with it.

So back to my diet, the picture above is what I ate on Monday. My whole day in one little picture and it is a little less than 1200 calories. I actually only got 1/2 of that monster chicken breast but I had to take a picture of the whole thing because it wasn't cooked yet. I kind of grouped the meals together, breakfast was coffee and cereal, with a snack bar an hour later. I forgot to add 14 almonds I snacked on too. The lunch was my salad and a yogurt, and dinner was a chicken breast sandwich with cheese and buffalo wing sauce. No desserts, no ice cream, no beer, no cookies although we have a ton of that kind of stuff in our house. My christmas cookies are probably going to end up in the garbage, so if you want them come and get them.

By the way, if you're looking for a good deal on chicken breasts, they are $1.79/lb at Save A Lot from now until Tues 1/11/15.

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