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Wednesday Weighin - GOAL!

Hi again, its hump day - time to step on the scale for the Wednesday Weighin. I met and exceeded my goal of losing 10 lbs this year over the past weekend, and have entered maintenance mode for the time being. So, I'm going to consider this one completed and you won't be subjected to Wednesday Weighin more than occasionally the rest of the year. DH has also continued to lose weight and is down 7 lbs to his fighting weight. I think we're going to consider a stretch goal of losing another 5 lbs each this year. We'll see.

We're working on our other goals and resolutions for 2015 - getting roofing quotes, talking to strangers and writing in the blog almost daily. Which by the way seems a bit too much, its not that exciting in the middle of the winter, so I might start cutting back to blogging about two or three times a week.

Anyway, this weekend promises to be a great opportunity to talk to strangers at all the #Gasparilla events in Tampa. We're planning on going to the Friday night music festival downtown, watching the pirate invasion and parade on Saturday, and of course the dumb Super Bowl is on Sunday.
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