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The Bright Side of Being Sick

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I have a cold. Being the one who is always trying to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and exercise daily - it's not supposed to happen this way. I never get the flu shot and this year was no exception. But I do have this innate ability to tell when I'm catching something and usually some Emergen C, or extra rest will nip it in the bud. Not this time though. It must be all the tourists at Busch Gardens and we've been walking there a lot more since we coupon less.

But back to my cold. It could be the flu for all I know, achy bones, stiff muscles, first the deep cough as it settles in your chest, then the congestion as it moves around the body, and then the sneezing, snorting and blowing of a runny nose. My appetite is gone. Yet despite feeling miserable if I'm not in the prone position, I try to look at the bright side of being sick.

  1. I called off work sick - for a half day anyway, after my trash can was almost full of snot rags and I'm sure everyone around was sick of hearing my sickly noises. I quarantined myself in my office but occasionally still had to wander around. Anyway, I got paid to go home in the afternoon so thats good.
  2. I don't have to do anything around home - I left the dirty dishes on the counter, the clean ones in the dishwasher and DH came home and cleaned the kitchen. He also made me soup for dinner, and made a fire, skimmed the leaves on the pool, watered the earth boxes and fed the dog. He probably did a couple of other jobs too. But I just layed around. I could have watched movies too if I liked doing that sort of thing.
  3. Everyone feels bad for me - lots of texts to feel better, my boss hoping I feel better soon. People offering to do stuff for me cause I'm sick. I'd much rather be healthy, but since I am really sick, its nice to know I have everyone's sympathy.
  4. It's an easy way to lose weight - I have to admit I took advantage of the no appetite feeling and skipped a couple meals in the last couple days. This has helped me achieve my goal of losing 10 lbs, so now I can have that  beer and chicken wings I gave up 24 days ago for the dumb diet. Actually, dieting is what probably weakened me and even allowed my strong and healthy body to become sickly. Eat those veggies folks!
  5. I've learned I'm not immortal - While I usually feel totally healthy and well, and full of boundless energy, its kind of a wake up call that, yes - I am aging and can get sick. Even though I'm in great shape, I know I'm going to die eventually and this is what it will probably feel like. Except I won't get better - every day will be filled with pain and suffering, until finally to relieve the pain I die. Actually, I hope its not this miserable, I just want to die quick and suddenly.
So here's hoping to GET BETTER SOON!

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