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A Diet Tip

I'm actually sticking to my New Year's resolutions and am proud to say I've lost 3 pounds in 3 days. I've given up chicken wings and beer since the new year and will continue to abstain until I lose the ten pounds I've resolved to do. I've been eating 1200 calories a day and exercising to burn at least 500 calories a day, but I also have a diet tip for you today.

Sunday night we decided to have Sea Best Tilapia Florentine fillets, with a side of Green Giant Steamers broccoli and cauliflower veggies. It's super simple to microwave, and also removed a couple products from the freezer which is always the premium storage space in our house. And we have lots of this stuff because it was free with coupons a while ago. And its not cheap at $7.99 for two servings. Shopping the sales is usually limited based on what we can stockpile, based on our freezer space. You would think three freezers would be plenty and they probably are, but if I had more I would freeze more.

Anyway, the food is cooked by now and plated nicely for a dinner meal. DH hardly can stand the spinach so I take his and mine with the fish. I was enjoying the creamy Florentine spinach when it suddenly crunched between my teeth ( I thought it was a fish bone) and quickly spit out. When I looked at what I spit out, I almost gagged. The crunch was a bug. A big brown round hard shelled bug. In my spinach. Yuck. In the picture the reason it isn't completely round is because I think I ate the head off. Even the guts are still in it. Anyway, that was the end of the spinach Florentine meal for both of us.

So, my diet tip is if you want to eat less; pretend there's a bug in your food. Or have your partner hide a dead bug in the bottom third of your food bowl so you'll stop eating early. Or maybe if you're really squeamish, you'll hurl when you get to the bug and really lose some weight quick.

I can tell you for sure, that this has changed how I eat. If the meal was not prepared from scratch by me, or in front of me, I will probably slow down and "play" with my food and pick it apart to make sure there are no hidden foreign objects on my plate of food.

Do you have any diet tips for me?

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