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2014 3rd QTR Mileage

So, we've reached a new low, in our vehicle mileage of course. When I started tracking our mileage six years ago in 2009, we drove over 20K miles annually for a couple years. But then in 2011, we dropped to 18K, and then in 2012-2013 we drove even less - logging 15K and 16K. This year we'll barely top 10,000 miles. We've cut back our driving by 50%, and I often wonder why we still have two vehicles. We've driven the truck a measly 1068 miles so far this year and 3/4 of that was this rainy quarter. But hey, the sixteen year old truck still has its uses and everything works. Luckily. Especially since we hadn't changed the oil since May 2012 when it had 67,000 miles! (I still can't believe it). We were neglectful. Don't ever do that. Even though I've been keeping these mileage logs and all the service, insurance, fuel and maintenance information too - that little detail slipped through the cracks.

So, to help us all remember these details, I'm going to be expanding the mileage report so I can have a resource to look back to and document our service, just by doing a quick search of the blog for "mileage". Simple. So this quarter, we got the oil changed on the truck for $20. We got new Air Conditioner system (expansion valve, condenser and evaporator) on the Camry at 95,000 miles for a cost of $1044. We also replaced the back passenger window regulator and motor on the Camry for $92. The other service was on the ST1300 motorcycle - an oil change and new battery for $243 from the stealership.

I'm happy to report we had a nice summer and I got to ride my bike a lot, with the maximum possible miles being 600, I rode 440 miles to work this quarter. I did get soaked in rainstorms (just recently Friday afternoon) many times, but my new panniers have rain covers and I really don't mind getting wet on a bike. Its actually refreshing in the summer. But, alas summer is over and now it is dark and dangerous in the morning, peoples windows are all fogged up with condensate and it is my hope I don't get killed this winter riding. Anyway, the reward is worth the risk.

With that I'll wrap it up, and hope you have many pleasant and adventurous miles in your vehicles.

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